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Stochastic Petri Nets - An Introduction to the Theory.

Bause, Falko; Kritzinger, Pieter

Advanced Studies in Computer Science, pages 1-250. Vieweg Verlagsgesellschaft, 1996.

Abstract: Any engineer who is responsible for the design and development of discrete systems, such as embedded software for control or telecommunications systems, knows that the most important quality of the final product is that it be functionally correct. Once assured that the system behaves correctly, it is also important that it be efficient in that its running cost is minimal or is optimum in whatever quantitative measure is chosen. Stochastic Petri nets have been developed over the last decade with exactly these objectives in mind.

This book is an introduction to Stochastic Petri nets and arose out of a desire by the authors to collect all one needs to understand Stochastic Petri net theory in one volume. The intention of this book is not to give an overview of several or all Stochastic Petri net models appearing in the literature, but to stress a combined view of functional and performance analysis in the context of some Stochastic Petri net models.

The book contains a reference to several Stochastic Petri net tools which are available to help the reader apply the theory contained in this volume.

Keywords: SPN; GSPN; QN; QPN; stochastic Petri nets; queueing networks; coloured Petri nets; Markov processes.

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