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Abstract Petri Net Notation.

Bause, Falko; Kemper, Peter; Kritzinger, Pieter

In: Forschungsbericht Nr. 563 des Fachbereichs Informatik der Universität Dortmund (Germany). 1994.

Also in: Petri Net Newsletter No. 49, pages 9-27. October 1995.

Abstract: The need to interchange the description of Petri Net models amongst researchers and users was recognised as long ago as 1988. This document proposes an Abstract Petri Net Notation (APNN) in which various nets can be described using a common notation. The use of the notation in the context of Petri net software tools is shown and the general requirements for such a notation to be generally acceptable, are suggested. Keywords in the notation are similar to Latex commands in order to support readability. By employing an appropriate style-file a net description can thus be included directly into a Latex source document. The notation is given for untimed Place/Transition Nets and Coloured Petri Nets as well as Generalised Stochastic Petri Nets and Hierarchical Petri Nets.

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