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Concurrent Modeling and Simulation of Reactive Manufacturing Systems Using Petri Nets.

Ben-Arieh, D.; Miron, I.

In: Computers & Industrial Engineering, Vol. 20, No. 1, pages 45-58. 1991.

Abstract: The Petri net is a modeling tool appropriate for reactive systems, however, computerized simulation tools of this modelling technique typically employ sequential programming languages. Such an analysis approach misses the reactive property of the Petri net. This paper has two objectives: to present the difficulties in simulating reactive systems using Petri nets, and to describe a new approach towards Petri net models using concurrent logic programming paradigm. This approach is described and exemplified using FCP (Flat Concurrent Prolog) on a robotic manufacturing cell.

Keywords: concurrent modeling (and) simulation (of) reactive manufacturing system(s); flat concurrent Prolog; robotic manufacturing cell.

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