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Deriving Semantic Data Models from Structured Process Descriptions of Reality.

Benwell, G.L.; Firns, P.G.; Sallis, P.J.

In: Journal of Information Technology, Vol. 6, No. 1, pages 15-25. March 1991.

Abstract: A description is given of a generally accepted view of the contemporary information systems development process. This process assumes the direct derivation of a prototype from data models which are constructed using entity-relationship modelling (ERM) and data flow diagram (DFD) techniques. The authors also consider the use of Petri net representations as structured process models of reality. The authors examine the relationship between the ERM and DFD techniques and propose the use of logical access mapping as a method of synthesizing the product of these two data modelling activities. An example is used to illustrate the derivation of ERM and DFD from Petri nets.

Keywords: semantic data model; structured process description; entity-relationship modelling; data flow diagram; structured process model; logical access mapping.

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