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Petri Nets and Dependability.

Bernardi, Simona; Bobbio, Andrea; Donatelli, Susanna

In: Lectures on Concurrency and Petri Nets: Advances in Petri Nets, pages 125-179. Volume 3098 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Jörg Desel, Wolfgang Reisig, Grzegorz Rozenberg (Eds.) --- Springer-Verlag, June 2004.

Abstract: Dependability evaluation main objective is to assess the ability of a system to correctly function over time. There are many possible approaches to the evaluation of dependability: in these notes we are mainly concerned with dependability evaluation based on probabilistic models. Starting from simple probabilistic models with very efficient solution methods we shall then come to the main topic of the paper: how Petri nets can be used to evaluate the dependability of complex systems.

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