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Categories of EN Systems and Local State Transformation Algebras.

Bernardinello, L.; Pomello, L.; Simone, C.

In: 91; 3rd Workshop on Concurrency and Compositionality, 1991, Goslar, Germany / Best, E.; et al.: GMD-Studien Nr. 191; Hildesheimer Informatik-Berichte 6, pages 27-32. St. Augustin, Germany: Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung mbH --- Universität Hildesheim (Germany), Institut für Informatik, May 1991. Extended abstract.

Abstract: The authors show that the class of EN-LST (elementary net -- local state transformation) algebras together with morphisms of these algebras (A-mophisms) form a category. The authors introduce a class of morphisms of EN systems (called c-morphisms) and construct the corresponding category of EN systems. The existence of functors between these two categories, which form an equivalence, proves that A-morphisms and c-morphisms capture corresponding relationships between behaviours and systems, respectively.

Keywords: elementary net system; local state transformation algebra; category; (system) behaviour.

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