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SAGASSE - An Expert System Based Simulator For Flexible Manufacturing Systems.

Besombes, B.; Ladet, P.

In: CIRP/IFIP/IFORS Workshop, 1989, Genova, Italy / Villa, A.; et al.: IFAC Workshop Series, Vol. 3; Decisional Structures in Automated Manufacturing. Proceedings of the IFAC, pages 31-36. Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1990.

Abstract: This paper proposes a design with operational aid which integrates the operational aspects of factory. The simulator proposed is based on the dynamic interaction between an interpretor of Timed Coloured Petri Net (TCPN) model for the state of workshop, and the decision level implemented by an expert system. The presence of a routing or a scheduling choice is traduced by the interpretor as a conflict in the TCPN model. The expert system solves the conflict, using a set of rules built by human experts. SAGASSE represents a new way of introducing the artificial intelligence techniques to the solving of real time scheduling problems.

Keywords: SAGASSE, (an) expert system (based) simulator (for) flexible manufacturing system(s); timed coloured net; artificial intelligence techniques; scheduling problem.

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