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A Class of Composable High Level Petri Nets.

Best, E.; Fleischhack, H.; Fraczak, W.; Hopkins, R.P.; Klaudel, H.; Pelz, E.

In: Proceeding of the 16th International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets, Turin, June 1995., pages 103-120. 1995.

Abstract: In this paper a high-leval Petri net model called M-nets (for multilabeled nets) is developed. A distinctive feature of this model is that it allows not only vertical unfolding, as do most other high-level net models, but also horizontal composition - in particular, synchronisation - in a manner similar to process algebras such as CCS. This turns the set of M-Nets into a demain whose composition operations satisfy various algebraic properties. The operations are shown to be consistent with unfolding in the sense that the unfolding of a composite high-level net is the composition of the unfoldings of its components. A companion paper shows how this algebra can be used to define the semantics of a concurrent programming language compositionally.

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