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An M-net Semantics of B(PN).

Best, Eike; Fleischhack, Hans; Fraczak, Wojciech; Hopkins, Richard P.; Klaudel, Hanna; Pelz, Elisabeth

In: Desel, J.: Structures in Concurrency Theory, Proceedings of the International Workshop on Structures in Concurrency Theory (STRICT), Berlin, 11-13 May 1995, pages 85-100. 1995.

Abstract: Using a class of high level Petri nets, M-nets, endowed with composition operators resembling those of CCs, we give the compositional semantics of B(PN) - a syntactically simple but semantically powerful concurrent programming language. We also give an associated low level semantics, as well as consistency with a previously defined low lewel semantics of B(PN).

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