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A High Level Petri Net Semantics of B(PN).

Best, E.; Fleischhack, H.; Fraczak, W.; Hopkins, R.P.; Klaudel, H.; Pelz, E.

In: Rapport de Recherche no. 895, LRI, Universite Paris-Sud. 1994.

Abstract: We develop a High level net model, christened M-nets, in terms of which the semantics of the concurrent language B(PN) (a Basic Petri Net Programming Notation) can be formulated compositionally. Our approach allows the proof of the desired consistency with a previous semantics given in terms of elementary nets. A distinguishing feature of the M-net model is that it allows both vertical unfolding, as in all other high level net models, and horizontal composition. The operations are shown to satisfy a series of compatibility and exchangability properties.

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