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Concurrent Bisimulations in Petri Nets.

Best, Eike; Devillers, Raymond; Kiehn, Astrid; Pomello, Lucia

In: Acta Informatica, Vol. 28, No. 3, pages 231-264. 1991.

Abstract: After various attempts, an equivalence relation is defined for labelled Petri nets, on the base of concurrency semantics of net theory. This relation, called Fully Concurrent bisimulation and abbreviated FC-bisimulation, preserves the level of concurrency of visible operations and, under some conditions, allows to enforce injective labelling on them. Refinements of a visible operation are also defined and the authors show that, under some conditions, they preserve FC-bisimulation.

Keywords: (fully) concurrent bisimulation; equivalence relation (for) labelled net(s); concurrency semantics; refinements (of) visible operation(s); injective labelling.

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