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Technical Annex for the ESPRIT Basic Research Action 3148: Design Methods Based On Nets (DEMON).

Best, E.

Arbeitspapiere der GMD Nr. 435, pages 1-104 pp.. St. Augustin: Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung mbH, March 1990.

Abstract: In order to ensure the correct and efficient functioning of concurrent systems, effective formal reasoning is indispensable during their design. Suitable formalisms must properly describe concurrency and provide appropriate means in order to facilitate such reasoning. This Action proposes to undertake foundational work needed for the eventual development of an effective design calculus for concurrent systems based on net theory. The envisaged calculus would comprise structuring techniques, algebras, proof rules, appropriate notions of equivalence and implementation, and analysis techniques.

Keywords: DEMON; design methods; design calculus (for) concurrent systems; structuring technique; equivalence; analysis technique.

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