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Partial Order Behaviour and Structure of Petri Nets.

Best, Eike; Desel, Jörg

Arbeitspapiere der GMD, Nr. 373. Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung mbH, St. Augustin, 1989.

Also in: Formal Aspects of Computing, Vol. 2, pages 123-138. 1990.

Abstract: The paper argues that partial order semantics can be used profitably in the proofs of some nontrivial results on Petri net theory. The authors show that most of Commoner's and Hack's structure theory of free choice nets can be phrased and proved in terms of partial order behaviour. The new proofs are considerable shorter than the old ones; they also generalise the results from (safe) free choice nets to (bounded) extended free choice nets.

Keywords: partial order behaviour free choice net; true concurrency.

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