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Weak and Strong Composition of High-Level Petri Nets.

Best, Eike; Lavrov, Alexander

In: Baeten, Jos C.M.; Mauw, Sjouke: Lectures Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1664: Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Concurrency Theory, Eindhoven, pages 194-209. Springer-Verlag, August 1999.

Abstract: We propose generic schemes for basic composition operations (sequential compositon, choice, iteration, and refinements) for high-level Petri nets. They tolerate liberal combinations of place types (equal, disjoint, intersecting) and allow for weak and strong versions of compositions (owing to a parameterised scheme of type construction). Important properties, including associativity, commutativity and coherence w.r.t. unfolding are preserved.

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