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Model Checking of Time Petri Nets Based on Partial Order Semantics.

Bieber, Burkhard; Fleischhack, Hans

In: Baeten, Jos C.M.; Mauw, Sjouke: Lectures Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1664: Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Concurrency Theory, Eindhoven, pages 210-225. Springer-Verlag, August 1999.

Abstract: Model checking of place/transition-nets based on partial order semantics has been applied successfully to the analysis of causal behaviour of distributed systems. Here, this approach is extended to the causal behaviour of time Petri nets. Expansion of a time Petri net to an equivalent P/T-net is defined, and it is shown that (an abstraction of) the McMillan unfolding of the expanded net is sufficient for model checking w.r.t formulae of a simple branching time temporal logic.

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