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A High-Level Petri Net Specification of the Cambridge Fast Ring M-Access Service.

Billington, J.

University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory, Technical Report No. 121, December 1987.

Also in: Specification and Verification of Concurrent Systems, Proceedings of the BCS-FACS Workshop, 1988, Stirling, UK, pages 1-31 pp.. Univ. Stirling, 1988.

Abstract: Numerical Petri Nets (NPNs)are used to characterise the Cambridge Fast Ring Hardware at a high level of abstraction. The NPN model describes the service provided to users of the hardware (stations, monitors, bridges and ring transmission plant). The model has been developed to formalise the M-Access Service definition in order to remove ambiguities and as a basis for the development and verification of the protocols using the M-Access Service.

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