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Modeling the client/server behavior of parallel real-time systems using Petri nets.

Birkinshaw, C.I.; Croll, P.R.

In: Proc. 28th Annual Hawaii Int. Conf. on System Sciences; Vol. 2: Software Technology, 3-6 January 1995, Wailea, HI, pages 339-348. 1995.

Abstract: Guaranteeing the timeliness of a parallel hard real-time system requires knowledge of its communication behavior. Analysis of the communication structure can identify potential livelock and deadlock in parallel systems. An approach which describes the communication of parallel systems, called a client-server behavior graph, is given which enables a Petri net model of a complete system to be built up in a compositional manner, reducing the state explosion problem in the identification of both deadlocks and livelocks.

Keywords: Petri nets, client-server systems, parallel processing, real-time systems.

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