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Large Scale simulations of Railroad Nets.

Bjorn, J.; Hagalisletto, A.M.; Enger, P.

In: 06, 2006: Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Modelling of Objects, Components and Agents, MOCA'06, Bericht 272, FBI-HH-B-272, pages 45-101. June 06.

Abstract: In this paper we will describe our experience with modelling and simulating realistic railroad systems, based on component-oriented Petri Nets. Several libraries of railroad components are presented, including nets permitting the train to control the routers in the net. Petri Nets are translated into Maude in an automated way, and executed by the Maude interpreter. Since railroad models are large, the time and space complexity of executing them are challenging. Maude is able to execute the nets with a realistic number of trains fast enough to accomodate industrial requirements. As a case study, the entire Oslo Subway System is modeled including every time, turnout and track-section, and executed with as many trains running concurrently as in the real subway.

Keywords: Railway systems; Petri Nets; simulation; Maude.

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