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Petri Nets Generating Markov Reward Models for Performance/Reliability Analysis of Degradable Systems.

Bobbio, A.

In: Puigjaner, R.; et al.: Modeling Techniques and Tools for Computer Performance Evaluation. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference, 1988, Palma, Spain, pages 353-365. New York, NY, USA: Plenum, 1989.

Abstract: The paper discusses how the formalism of stochastic Petri nets (SPN) can be used to generate stochastic reward models (SRM) for the unified analysis of the performance and reliability of complex systems. In a SRM the performance level of the system is modeled by attaching to each state a real variable called the reward rate. The integral of the reward rate provides the total amount of work accumulated by the system in a given time. A related figure of merit is the probability that an assigned task will be completed in a given time (completion time problem). The pictorial representation of this problem at the Petri net level is investigated.

Keywords: stochastic net(s) (generating) markov reward models (for) performance reliability analysis (of) degradable system(s) stochastic reward model; performance (and) reliability (of systems); completion time problem.

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