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Generating basis siphons and traps of Petri nets using the sign incidence matrix.

Boer, E.R.; Murata, Tadao

In: IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems, I - Fundamental Theory and Applications, Vol. 41, No. 4, pages 266-271. 1994.

Abstract: This paper introduces a new matrix called the sign incidence matrix for Petri nets. Using this sign incidence matrix, we present a simple algorithm for generating all basis siphons or traps without first generating all siphons or traps. Any siphon (trap) can be expressed as an union of basis siphons (basis traps). The concept of siphons and traps plays an important role in the analysis of Petri nets. In particular, criteria for liveness and reachability of some subclasses of Petri nets can be stated in terms of siphons and traps.

Keywords: Petri nets, sign incidence matrix, siphon generation, structural properties, trap generation.

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