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Zero-overhead Pr/T-net execution.

Böke, C.; Hubel, M.; Ramming, F.J.; Rust, C.

In: Proc. 14th European Simulation Multiconference, 23-26 May 2000, Ghent, Belgium, pages 102-106. 2000.

Abstract: Petri net and higher-order versions, like predicate-transitions (Pr/T) nets, are very suitable for modeling event-oriented discrete and even parallel systems. Obviously, the next step is to complement the system code from this model specification. Therefore, very efficient code has to be generated and a highly overhead-free run-time environment is required. The paper proposes a very tight integration of the Pr/T net execution into a customizable operating system that is optimally adapted for this purpose. The approach is very promising for direct and highly efficient implementation of Pr/T nets.

Keywords: Pr/T nets, net execution, predicate-transition nets.

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