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From Timed Petri Nets to timed LOTOS.

Bolognesi, T.; Lucidi, F.; Trigila, S.

In: Logrippo, L.; et al.: Protocol Specification, Testing and Verification, X. Proceedings of the IFIP WG 6.1 Tenth International Symposium, 1990, Ottawa, Ont., Canada, pages 395-408. Amsterdam, Netherlands: North-Holland, 1990.

Abstract: Timed-Arc and Timed-Transition Petri nets have suggested the exploration of two different ways to enhance the LOTOS specification language in order to express time delays and intervals. The two enhancements are called, respectively, Timed-Action and Timed-Interaction LOTOS. In analogy with the Petri net, only Timed-Interaction LOTOS can model satisfactorily the fundamental `wait-until-timeout' scenario, although, as a tradeoff, its formal semantics is more complex than that of Timed-Action LOTOS.

Keywords: timed-arc net; timed-transition net; Timed-Action LOTOS; Timed-Interaction LOTOS; enhanced LOTOS specification language; formal semantics.

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