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From team plan to individual plans: a petri net-based approach.

Bonnet-Torres, Olivier; Tessier, Catherine

In: AAMAS '05: Proceedings of the fourth international joint conference on Autonomous agents and multiagent systems, pages 797-804. New York, NY, USA: ACM Press, 2005.

Abstract: This paper focuses on a framework for representing a team plan and its projections on individual agents. The team plan is represented with a coloured Petri net. Using the implicit place reduction rule an agenticity hierarchy is deduced: each transition bearing two or more output places corresponds to splitting the (sub)team into (sub)subteams; a two-input-place transition merges subteams. The reduction rule is extended to support the notion of transfer of an agent from one subteam to another. These notions of splitting, merging and transfer are basic team management structures which describe the dynamic team hierarchical organisation. At each level of agenticity a plan is derived from the team plan reduction. Controlling an agent individually requires extracting individual information, such as activities involving the agent as well as interacting agents or subteams at each level of agenticity. The agent-projected plan encompasses for each level of agenticity an activity plan and a list of cooperating agents or subteams.

Keywords: hierarchical petri nets; object petri nets; replanning; teamwork.

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