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Computer-Aided Analysis of Power-Electronic Systems Simulation of a High-Voltage Power Converter.

Bordry, F.; Isch, H.W.; Proudlock, P.

In: Bernstein, B.H.; et al.: Digest of Technical Papers of the Sixth IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, 1987, Arlington, VA, USA, pages 413-416. New York, NY, USA: IEEE, 1987.

Abstract: The authors describe a simulation method which only requires knowledge of the circuit structure, its parameters, and the commands to the controlled switches. This method led to the development of the SCRIPT (Simulation des Convertisseurs; Representation des Interrupteurs par reseau de PeTri) program. This program can simulate any network including any number of voltage sources, current sources, resistors, capacitors, inductors or coupled inductors, and switches.

Keywords: power electronic systems simulation; SCRIPT; high-voltage power converter.

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