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Generic Petri Net Models of Protocol Mechanisms in Communication Systems.

Bosch, M.; Schmid, G.

In: Computer Communications, Vol. 14, No. 3, pages 143-156. April 1991.

Abstract: In this paper, a class of performance Petri nets (deterministic and stochastic Petri nets) is used to model communication protocol mechanisms. This class of performance Petri nets allows the evaluation of performance aspects of the modelled system. Applying the analysis methods of embedded Markov chains, performance characteristics of protocol mechanisms are calculated. The main focus of this paper are the models themselves, which help in a detailed understanding of the functionality of protocol mechanisms. They are presented and explained in a systematical and complete fashion.

Keywords: net model(s) (of) communication protocol mechanisms; performance net; deterministic net; stochastic net; Markov chain; performance characteristics (of protocol mechanisms).

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