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System Design Using Abstract Petri Nets.

Boswell, Albert M.; Wood, Scott D.

In: SOUTHEASTCON'90, Technologies Today and Tomorrow. Proceedings. Conference: 1990, New Orleans, LA, USA; Vol. 2, pages 390-394. New York, NY, USA: IEEE, 1990.

Abstract: A macro Petri net definition formed from a set of Petri net primitive mechanisms is discussed. A definition of the Petri net primitives employed in the construction of macro net definitions are given. The macro nets presented are intended to increase the designer's ability to quickly comprehend a system on an operational level. Basic concepts of system abstraction are considered, and rules for recognizing potentially abstract subnets are examined. An example is given in which a typical computer system is shown with macro nets used to replace frequently recurring subnets.

Keywords: system design (using) abstract net; macro net; abstract subnet; recurring subnet.

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