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Assessing the performance of multiprocessor architectures through SWN model simulation: a case study in the field of plant automation systems.

Botti, O.; Donatelli, S.; Franceschinis, G.

In: Proc. 29th Annual Simulation Symposium, 8-11 April 1996, New Orleans, LA, pages 118-127. 1996. ISSN 1080-241X, ISBN 0-8186-7432-6, IEEE CS No. PR07432, IEEE Catalog No. 96TB100039.

Abstract: This paper presents a simulation study of an hypercube architecture of complex nodes. The goal of the simulation experiments is to compare two possible architectural solutions for the complex node, and to study the hypercube behavior under different types of workload. The models have been expressed in the formalism of stochastic well-formed nets (SWNs), a class of high-level stochastic Petri nets, and the results have been obtained using a general-purpose simulator for SWN models. In this study, the availability of a general-purpose simulator and the flexibility and parametricity of the SWN formalism has indeed been a crucial point in what we think is a successful example of `benchmarking by models'; a characterization of an architecture in terms of models, rather than by measurement.

Keywords: multiprocessor architectures, performance analysis, plant automation systems, stochastic well-formed nets.

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