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Process and resource boxes: an integrated PN performance model for applications and architectures.

Botti, O.; De Cindio, F.

In: Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC'93), 17-20 October 1993, Le Touquet, France, Vol. 1, pages 595-600. 1993.

Abstract: The paper presents a part of a larger project aiming at developing a performance-oriented parallel system design method based on Petri nets and actually used in industrial frameworks. As modularity and compositionality are crucial for reusability, former work proposed the process-box as a net-based construct for modeling concurrent applications such as Occam programs. The paper extends the approach by introducing the resource-box and showing how the two constructs are jointly used for modeling a simple architecture and its workload. The example also illustrates how the proposed approach enhances the effectiveness and reusability of GSPNs, the most popular Petri-net-based formalism for performance evaluation.

Keywords: performance evaluation, performance models, stochastic Petri nets.

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