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On Data Flow Based Functional Model for the HERMES Multiprocessor Vision System.

Bourbakis, N.; Fotakis, D.; Tabak, D.

In: ICS 87. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Supercomputing, 1987, San Francisco, CA, USA: Supercomputing'87; Vol. 3, pages 314-323. St. Petersburg, FL, USA: Int. Supercomputing Inst., 1987.

Abstract: A data flow functional model for the multiprocessor HERMES vision machine (an autonomous image processing system) is described. The structural model of HERMES is represented as a large scale Petri Net, composed out of previously proposed decision-making primitives. The primitives table has been expanded in this project in order to make it fit the particular properties of HERMES. The modeling methodology provides a tool to analyze large-scale image processing systems by simulation on a variety of computing systems without the need of any hardware construction.

Keywords: data flow (based) >functional model; HERMES multiprocessor >vision system; autonomous image processing system; large scale net.

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