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An original Petri net state estimation by a reduced Luenberger observer.

Bourij, A.; Koenig, D.

In: Proc. 1999 American Control Conference, 2-4 June 1999, San Diego, CA, Vol. 3, pages 1986-1989. 1999.

Abstract: The industrial processes can be represented by generalized Petri net models. An approach for Petri net state space estimation and verification is proposed and experimental results are given. This methodology is based on a reference model for partially known discrete-event systems modeled by generalized Petri nets. With the help of the theory of generalized state-space systems, an extended Luenberger observer is proposed to reconstruct the marking and the firing count, which gives an alternate way for Petri net state computation. The necessary and sufficient existence conditions of this estimator are given and proven. This diagnosis methodology is implemented on a basic example, and simulation results show the efficiency of this approach.

Keywords: Luenberger observer, discrete-event systems, generalized Petri nets, state estimation.

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