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Structuring of the Procedural Part of the Control System of Flexible Manufacturing Cells.

Bourney, J.P.; Gentina, J.C.

In: Congres Automatique 1988, Grenoble, France: Quelle Automatique dans les Industries Manufacturieres, pages 233-242. Paris, France: AFCET, 1988. In French.

Abstract: The paper presents a structuring tool which allows the user to build rigorously and systematically the procedural part of the control system of flexible manufacturing systems. This tool allows the production of a control graph (coloured structured Petri nets) where the parallelism and the concurrency of the system are shown. The authors propose a set of structuring primitives based on a functional analysis of the initial model of the production system.

Keywords: flexible manufacturing cell; control graph; coloured structured net; structuring primitive; control system structuring.

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