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Non equivalence between time Petri nets and time stream Petri nets.

Boyer, M.; Diaz, M.

In: Proc. 8th Int. Workshop on Petri Net and Performance Models (PNPM'99), 8-10 October 1999, Zaragoza, Spain, pages 198-207. 1999.

Abstract: It had been shown that Merlin's Time Petri Nets are a special case of Time Stream Petri Nets. In this paper, we show that it does not exist a time equivalence between both models. We extend first this result to the nonequivalence of Timed Automata and Time Petri Nets and second to the nonequivalence of Timed Link Petri Net and Timed Transition Petri Net.

Keywords: bisimulation, time Petri nets, time stream Petri nets, timed automata, timed link Petri nets, timed transition Petri nets.

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