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Analyzing nondeterministic real-time systems with (max,+) algebra.

Brat, G.P.; Garg, V.K.

In: Proc. Real-Time Systems Symposium, 2-4 December 1998, Mardid, Spain, pages 210-219. 1998.

Abstract: The paper describes a hierarchical technique that allows a class of nondeterministic timed Petri nets to be analyzed using the (max,+) algebra of periodic signals. It is shown that the timing and controllability analysis of such systems is possible via the use of (sup- and) inf-convolution operations within the (max,+) framework. This technique is applied to the verification of timing constraints in an intelligent structural control system and the proposed approach is compared with other modeling tools for real-time systems.

Keywords: algebra, nondeterministic real-time systems, timed Petri nets.

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