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The ETI Online Service: Concepts and Design.

Braun, V.; Margaria, T.; Steffen, B.

In: Proceedings of Colloquium on Petri Net Technologies for Modelling Communication Based Systems, October 21-22, 1999, pages 29-42. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, ISST, 1999.

Abstract: The Electronical Tool Integration (ETI) online service is designed for orientation, experimentation, and evaluation purposes concerning the use of heterogeneous tools, and it is explicitly not intended to be a software distribution environment. Users may access the functionality described hereafter to run their trials and coordination tasks remotely via the Internet. Thus neither the underlying ETI platform nor the tools need to be (or even can be) downloaded to the user's site. This remote utilization policy is vital for our goals for several reasons, ranging from access performance (tools can be big and clog the transmission channels) to legal aspects (copyright, licensing, violations of commercial distribution policies).

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