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Design and implementation of a distributed real-time expert-system for fault diagnosis in modular manufacturing systems.

Brenner, E.; Grabner, J.; Moosburger, M.; Otschko, G.; Schlogel, K.; Seifter, P.; Song, J.; Steger, C.; Weiss, R.

In: Microprocessing and Microprogramming, Vol. 32, No. 1-5,, pages 799-806. 1991.

Abstract: A report is given on the design and implementation of a hierarchical real-time expert-system architecture directed to real-time diagnosis of modern production systems. Diagnosis is model-based by using timed Petri-net models as well as continuous system models. The logical and physical structures of the corresponding distributed system are discussed in some detail. As a hardware basis a multi-transputer system with optical links is used, operated by the distributed operating system Helios which is extended by real-time servers. A prototype of the distributed system has been built and applied to a commercial modular production system. Results about the system behaviour are shown by means of a graphical user interface based on X Window/Motif (17th EUROMICRO Symposium on Microprocessing and Microprogramming. Hardware and Software Design Automation, 2-5 Sept. 1991, Vienna, Austria)

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