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An Efficient Algorithm for the Computation of Stubborn Sets of Well Formed Petri Nets.

Brgan, R.; Poitrenaud, D.

In: Proceeding of the 16th International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets, Turin, June 1995., pages 121-140. 1995.

Abstract: The state space analysis of a Petri Net allows the validation of system properties but its drawback is the explosion in time and space. The Stubborn Set method of A. Valmari permits an efficient reduction of the graph based on the parallelism expressed by the model. Colored Petri Nets introcuce new complexities for the computation of Stubborn Sets due to the color management. For Well Formed Colored Petri Nets, we present an efficient implementation of the Stubborn Set method based on the solving of constraint systems. These systems represent the dependencies between transitions induced by the Stubborn Set definition. They are constructed before the graph generation in a symbolic form independently of the system parameters. These constraint systems are repetitively solved during the graph construction.

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