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Timed Continuous Petri Nets: a Tool for Analysis and Simulation of Discrete Event Systems.

Brinkman, P.L.; Blaauboer, W.A.

In: ESS'90, Intelligent Process Control and Scheduling Discrete Event Systems. Proceedings of the European Simulations Systems Conference, 1990, Ghent, Belgium, pages 164-168. Society for Computer Simulation International, 1990.

Abstract: Continuous Petri Nets are used to model a beer bottling line; ordinary Petri Nets are used to model the human operators controlling the bottling line. An extension of the Continuous Petri Nets to Timed Continuous Petri Nets is defined, to deal with the time needed for processing and transport of bottles in the system. Both kinds of Petri Nets are combined into one hybrid model for the whole Man-Machine System, which is then considered as a Discrete Event System. The possibilities for the analysis and simulation of Discrete Event Systems using this new type of Petri Net modelling, are discussed.

Keywords: timed continuous net; discrete event system analysis (and) simulation; beer bottling line.

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