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Discrete Event Simulation based on Timed Petri Nets using Linear Enabling Functions.

Briz, J.L.; Colom, J.M.; Silva, M.

In: Procs of the 1994 IEEE International Conference on System, Man and Cybernetics, IEEE Computer Society Press, San Antonio, Texas, USA, pages 1671-1676. 1994.

Abstract: Practical tools for the design, analysis and simulation of Petri Net models, improve significantly the applicability of this mathematical formalism to complex systems. Much thought has been given to the problem of building such tools in an efficient and reliable way. Linear Enabling Functions (LEFs) provide a basis to efficiently implement Place Transition Weighted Systems. Transitions are classified in several classes, and their enabling is characterized through linear functions that depends on the class. For some classes, a transformation must be applied, preserving the behaviour of the net system.

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