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Modular Functional Modelling of Petri Nets with Individual Tokens.

Broy, Manfred; Streicher, Thomas

Bericht TUM--I9035, pages 1-22 pp.. München, Germany: Technische Universiät, October 1990.

Abstract: A functional semantic modelling of Petri nets with individual tokens (high level Petri nets) is outlined leading to a denotational semantics for so-called open high level Petri nets or high level Petri net components, i.e. nets that may contain ingoing and outgoing arcs. An abstraction of the semantics is provided in terms of a predicative semantics. This semantics is modular in the sense that high level Petri net components can be composed by parallel composition and feedback in a way that the semantics of the composed net can be derived from the semantics of the net components.

Keywords: modular functional modelling (of) net(s) (with) individual token(s); denotational semantics (for) open high-level net(s); predicate semantics; net component.

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