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Automation System Design with High-Level Petri Nets: The PROTOB Environment.

Bruno, G.; Raineri, F.; Raiteri, M.; Spiller, P.

In: IFAC Symposia Series, Vol. 15; Low Cost Automation, Techniques Components and Instruments Applications. Selected Papers from the IFAC Symposium, 1989, Milan, Italy, pages 219-228. Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1991.

Abstract: This paper presents PROTOB, an object-oriented CASE system based on an extended data flow model defined using high level Petri nets, PROT nets. It consists of several tools supporting specification, modelling, prototyping and design activities within the framework of the operational software life cycle paradigm. A case study concerning automatic warehousing systems is taken as application example of PROTOB.

Keywords: PROTOB; object oriented methodology; computer-aided software engineering; high-level net; extended data flow model; automatic warehousing system.

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