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A Semantic Description of Actor Languages by Structured Algebraic Petri Nets.

Buchs, Didier; Guelfi, Nicolas

LRI Rapport de Recherche No. 639, pages 1-19 pp.. Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique, Universite de Paris-Sud, Centre d'Orsay, France, February 1991.

Abstract: The paper provides with an actor semantics using a formalism called CO-OPN (Concurrent Object-Oriented Petri Nets) which incorporates both concurrency and data structuring features. A CO-OPN specification is composed of a set of objects (algebraic abstract data types and Petri nets), and of a synchronous communication mechanism. The translation of an actor program into a CO-OPN specification is done by building objects for actors. The adequacy of CO-OPN to describe the semantics of concurrent object oriented languages is shown by this formal semantic description of actor languages.

Keywords: semantic description (of) actor language (by) structured algebraic net; concurrent object-oriented net; data structuring; algebraic abstract data type; synchronous communication mechanism; concurrent object oriented language semantics.

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