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Design of discrete event systems using Petri net and a dedicated controller.

Bulach, S.; Bauer, H.; Pfleiderer, H.-J.; Kucerovsky, Z.

In: Proc. IFAC Conf. on Control Systems Design (CSD'2000), 18-20 June 2000, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, pages 317-322. 2000.

Abstract: A discrete-event system design methodology based on Petri nets and a dedicated programmable controller is presented. The system is initially specified using PN, simulated and formally verified, and then transformed into an intermediate format which is compiled into the machine code. The code is programmed into a conventional ROM and is executed on the controller. The PN-based controller is optimized for handling concurrent specifications by locally tracking tokens in the net. It has been implemented as a VHDL hardware model and a gate-level circuit has been synthesized in the 0.7 micron CMOS technology. The controller provides fast response times and an inherent power efficiency, and is intended to be used in reactive discrete event system control applications.

Keywords: Petri nets, control system design, discrete-event systems, programmable controllers.

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