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Concepts and methods for a production integrated environmental protection.

Bullinger, H.-J.; von Steinaecker, Jörg; Weller, A.

In: Proceedings of the 14th Internation Conference on Production Research (ICPR), Osaka, Japan, pages 1-4. August 1997.

Also in: International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 60-61, No. 3, pages 35-42. 1999.

Abstract: Observing the public discussion on environmental issues, it becomes evident that environmentally clean products and processes will represent a competitive factor of strategic impact to producing companies, although it is not clear how to model the how of material over a product's life cycle in order to capture relevant environmental information and provide it to the respective business functions. This paper proposes a concept for an underlying, unified information model and its application in an environmentally oriented production management system (EPMS). The model describes economical and environmental aspects along a product's life cycle and makes this information accessible to production planning and control.

Keywords: Petri nets, environmental protection, logistics information systems, production management.

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