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Comparing truly concurrent semantics for contextual place/transition nets.

Busi, Nadia; Pinna, G. Michele

In: Fundamenta Informaticae 44, pages 209-244. 2000.

Abstract: The paper is centered around the study and comparison of truly concurrent semantics for P/T nets with inhibitor and read arcs, called contextual P/T nets. A causal semantics for P/T nets is proposed, that is shown to be equivalent to history preserving bisimulation defined on nonsequential processes. Then a conservative extension of the causal semantics to contextual P/T nets is developed, which is proved to be finer than step semantics. Finally, a comparison of causal semantics with the process based semantics for contextual P/T systems is carried out.

Keywords: Contextual Nets, Causal Semantics, Step Semantics, Process Semantics.

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