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Synthesis of Nets with Inhibitor Arcs.

Busi, Nadia; Pinna, G. Michele

In: Mazurkiewicz, A.; Winkowski, J.: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1243: CONCUR'97: Concurrency Theory, 8th International Conference, Warsdaw, Poland, July 1997, pages 151-165. Germany, Berlin: Springer-Verlag, July 1997.

Abstract: The synthesis problem for Petri nets consists in the construction of a net system whose behaviour is specified by a given transition system. In this paper we deal with the synthesis of elementary net systems extended with inhibitor arcs, i.e., arcs that test for absence of tokens in a place. We characterize the class of transitions systems corresponding to the sequential execution of these nets, which is a proper extension of the one obtained by the execution of nets without inhibitor arcs. Finally, we try to minimize the number of inhibitor arcs; we look for conditions guaranteeing that an inhibitor arc is really used, i.e. its presence influences the behaviour of the set.

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