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Implementing model checking and equivalence checking for time Petri nets by the RT-MEC tool.

Bystrov, A.V.; Virbitskaite, I.B.

In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1662: Parallel Computing Technologies, pages 194-199. Springer-Verlag, 1997.

Abstract: RT-MEC is a tool box for validation (via graphical simulation) and verification (via model checking and equivalence checking) of real-time systems based on partial order reduction and on-the-fly technique. It is appropriate for systems that can be modeled as Petri nets with real (dense) time. The tool is available within the systems PEP (programming environment based on Petri nets). This note presents the RT-MEC tool, including general unique features, and summarizes the development and usage experiences.

Keywords: PEP, RT-MEC, equivalence checking, model checking, partial order reduction, software tools, time Petri nets.

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