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Net Components Revisited.

Cabac, Lawrence; Duvigneau, Michael; Rölke, Heiko

In: 06, 2006: Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Modelling of Objects, Components and Agents, MOCA'06, Bericht 272, FBI-HH-B-272, pages 87-101. June 06.

Abstract: This paper introduces net components (1), illustrates the concept, design, and usage of net components, and give some experiences made in several software development projects over the last years. Net components are subnets that are meant to be combined with each other to form a Petri net. By this component-based approach of constructing Petri nets, the drawing of the nets is facilitated and the Petri nets are structured in a way that they become easily readable and unified. For he Mulan protocols, a set of net components exists that are called MULAN net components. Besides the fact that they provide the basic functionality regarding the communication that is done by Mulan protocols, also some simple patterns and programming artefacts are introduced into the development process.

Keywords: components; net components; patterns; Petri nets; RENEW; structured Petri nets; teaching.

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