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Net Components or the Modeling of Process Mining Chains.

Cabac, L.; Knaak, N.; Moldt, D.

In: 06: Bericht 267, Tagungsband des 13. Workshops Algorithmen und Werkzeuge für Petri-Netze, AWPN'06, FBI-HH-B-267, pages 25-31. September 06.

Abstract: In this paper we introduce a technique for the modeling of data mining chains with net components. With these net components algorithms can be applied to data that is processed in several stages, modeled as net components. Basic mining net components and complex sub-mining chains can be composed to new mining chains. Thus net components can be used to build new complex algorithms as a patch-work of existing procedures and new composition. Our approach is applied to the area of process mining, where large amounts of log data runs through several stages of processing. We are currently integrating process mining into our Petri net-based agent-oriented software engineering approach, and mining chains are used to model process mining algorithms within our development environment RENEW.

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