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Hierarchical fuzzy Petri nets and alpha-level sets inference.

Camargo, H.; Gomide, F.

In: International Journal of Intelligent Systems, Vol. 14, No. 8, pages 859-871. 1999.

Abstract: The work developed in this paper focuses the representations of alpha-level sets inference using the Hierarchical High Level Fuzzy Petri Nets. The basic hierarchical construct used is the substitution of transitions. The modeling process is carried out defining one non-hierarchical HLFPN called page, that models the general operation and having different instances of the page for each one of the intervals representing the alpha sets. The concepts of HLFPN and Hierarchical HLFPN proposed earlier are reviewed, as well as the ability to model fuzzy rule based systems in a compact form provided by the hierarchical constructs and pages. The inference method based on alpha-level nets, adopted in this work is also described. The convenience of applying Hierarchical HLFPN to the modeling of alpha-sets inference is discussed using a basic inference pattern with fuzzy rules.

Keywords: alpha sets, fuzzy Petri nets, hierarchical Petri nets.

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