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Performance Bounds for Synchronised Queueing Networks.

Campos, Javier

PhD Thesis. Zaragoza, Spain, December 1990.

Abstract: Chapter 1 has been written with the object of giving the reader an outline of the stochastic Petri net model. Chapter 2 is devoted to the presentation of the net subclass considered in the rest of the work. Chapter 3 is concerned with the computation of reachable upper and lower bounds for the most restrictive subclass of those presented in chapter 2. Chapter 4 provides a generalization for live and bounded free choice nets of the results presented in the previous chapter. Chapter 5 considers the extension to other net subclasses. In chapter 6 bounds for other interesting performance measures are derived. Chapter 7 is devoted to case studies.

Keywords: performance bounds (for) synchronized queueing networks; stochastic net, (subclass); live (and) bounded free choice net.

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